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We started with our trip to Paris in March 2006...and from there, who knows? We are a mother and daughter having an adventure.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Our trip to Versailles (and afterwards)

Yesterday we went to Versailles! It is the grandest palace in France. It was built by Louis XIV (that means the fourteenth). Many queens and princesses lived there (and kings, of course). It was AWESOME! The Queen's bedroom was so pretty! The whole palace had lots of gold.

We walked through the Hall of Mirrors, (which was so pretty,) and all around the gardens. There were scenes painted on the walls and ceilings of battles, greek gods, and angels. The one in the ballroom had a different version of Hercules than the one we know. We thought about what it would be like to wear those fancy dresses - they are beautiful, but maybe hot and very heavy!

In the garden café CB had ice cream, even though it was very cold outside, and tried to melt it into soup under the heat lamp.

We had to take a train there. We went with Michel and his friend Christian. Christian doesn't speak very much English so SI tried to speak French. We managed to understand each other pretty well! Luckily Michel helped translate when we needed help.

After we came back we all went to a Belgian restaurant. (First SI tried to show Michel and Christian how to make a blog.) CB got a hamburger and frites, which came with a surprise which was three ceramic masks that you could paint. CB and SI each did one and the third one is for LS when we get home. SI had mussels with blue cheese sauce - delicieuse!!!

By the way we haven't even mentioned much about our visit to the doll museum, before we even left for Versailles. It was just around the corner from our apartment, and was very nice too.


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