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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A rainy day

Hi friends and family - it's so much fun to know you are reading this, and to read your responses, even if sometimes we aren't sure who is who! (About which more below.) It's morning here - late morning- and we are still at home. CB is sleeping and I'm looking through all our guidebooks (actually pages printed out from websites about Paris) and maps to decide what we can do in the rain. Seems like a perfect day for musuems. Right here in our neighborhood there are more than we could ever see -- one about the history of Judaism sounds interesting, and of course Beauborg, Picasso, Rodin (I think that's nearby!) and many others. A short walk would take us to other places high on our list - Ste Chappelle, of course, and the Museum of the Middle Ages, which has a famous tapestry we are quite interested in, since CB has been studying medieval times all year in school.

I've been asked why we didn't include our names. Perhaps we are being overly cautious, but since this blog is open to ANYONE in the world to see (and evidently at least one person not known to us has read it and left a comment!) we don't want it to be possible for someone to track us down in real life, especially the younger one among us. Online I suppose first names are usually considered to be OK, but we decided to be extra careful! CB chose our "handles"-- they are the initials of our hebrew names!

By the way, the chocolate here is amazing - we've had pain au chocolate, chocolate chaud, chocolate mousse, very fancy chocolate ducks from the shop across the street, and we've only just begun. Don't worry, we'll bring some home for everyone (if we can stop ourselves from eating it before we get there.)

A special note to CZH: we miss you too, and hope you can come back to Paris soon now that you're old enough to remember it!

And a very special note to LS: We think about you every minute and can't wait to come home and snuggle with you!


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from your Michigan contingent. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Don't eat too much of that wonderful food!

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous AuntJ & UncleG said...

Bonjour to my niece and SIL (that's sister in law, for those confused with the acronyms)!

Ah...if you can go to the Rodin museum, that's my favorite! So beautiful (including a pretty park behind the main house with more sculptures).

Glad to see CB on skis. AuntJ & UncleG are happy to see that! Looking forward to having you back in the Colorado mountains!!

Have some yummy crepes for us!!!



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