Voyage to Paris, and beyond?

We started with our trip to Paris in March 2006...and from there, who knows? We are a mother and daughter having an adventure.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mommy, I'm so glad to be home...

...because I missed my toys! - CB

I'm glad too, though sad as well - it's always hard to let go of a wonderful vacation! But there's lots to do here, and it's time to get started doing it! Before we end this blog, though, a few last pictures and memories....

We took a few photos of our neighborhood so we wouldn't forget, including SI in front of Beaubourg, eating our favorite breakfast, pain au chocolate.

Baby, our little red, white and blue dog, came with us for our last day - she especially enjoyed seeing all the sights.

We went to a fantastic exhibit of Henri Cartier-Bresson photographs - portraits of many writers, artists and intellectuals. It was in Montparnasse, which I think we already mentioned was another great neighborhood to visit.

We finally visited the Eiffel Tower. We made it to the second level but decided not to go all the way to the top.

And of course we have hundreds more pictures of everywhere we went - just ask and we'll share them!

Our trip home was long but smooth - about 14 hours after we left our Paris apartment, we arrived home in the US to warm weather and warm and happy welcome.

It was an amazing, beautiful and exhausting trip. We wore out our feet, spent lots of money, got into great shape climbing up and down 7 flights of stairs to our apartment, learned a few things, and perhaps most of all, enjoyed spending so much time just the two of us, talking about everything under the sun.

There is no way to express our thanks to our host, Michel, for all he did for us - but Michel, if you're reading this... we hope we can return the hospitality some time very soon! And Christian too, for sure! By the time we see you both again we hope to be perfectly fluent in French!

Our fondest memories are of Versailles... of painting together in the Musée D'Orsay. and at Sainte-Chapelle.. of the boulangerie across the street, and the guy in the Parisian equivalent of Brooklyn bodega, who wouldn't let me buy the wine I'd chosen, but instead gave me a bottle he insisted was much better (same price) - and it was perhaps the best wine I'd ever had...the carousels...the friends we made and hope to keep forever.

Many people have asked us if we were affected by the demonstrations. No, not really, though we certainly saw a lot of evidence of them!

This blog is ended, but we've started a new blog: - we have joined the family of daily photo bloggers. Please come visit!

Here are some more links to info about our favorite things in Paris.

A recipe for French crepes ( we liked them best with lemon and sugar, or Nutella):
A recipe for pain au chocolate:

The Eiffel Tower:


Notre Dame:

Museum of the Middle Ages -
-- Museum of the Art and History of Judaism

Musée D'Orsay

Jardin du Luxembourg

Sainte Chappelle

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